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Markets are always fun to draw, and the city market was no exception, with the piles of pumpkins, mangoes, tomatoes etc and lots of other goods as well.

Lusaka Market


Moved to live in Zambia

Simon became a member of the London Committee of UNIP

Met Kenneth Kaunda and his wife Betty, Simon Kapwepwe and his son Paul, Mainza Chona, Vernon Mwaanga and many other Northern Rhodesians.


Married Simon Zukas

Soon after arriving in London I met Simon Zukas and we found we had a lot in common and similar beliefs.


Moved to London

For a while I became a communist, convinced that that was the best way to eradicate racial prejudice all over the world, and especially in South Africa. I campaigned for the ANC during the Defiance Campaign and got into trouble with the police.
My family was very worried about me getting into further trouble and suggested I go to London to do a one-year Art Teachers course at London University.

Politics became a very important part of my life, and still is.

1948 – 1952

University of Capetown BA Fine Arts